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Outbreak of First World War from multiple perspectives

A multinational analysis of the causes of World War I in popular history articles


by Thomas Nygren, Margaret Taylor, Elisabeth Kelleway, Robert Thorp, Annie Olsson and Johanna Hohner


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World War I is a common and popular topic in popular history. On the next pages you can find popular history articles from different European countries describing the causes of World War I. The articles show different ways of presenting and popularizing history. In teaching, they can be used in various ways and here we have designed a number of questions to stimulate media-critical thinking and multiperspectivity. The goal of this learning material is that the articles and questions should provide historical insights on the causes of World War One, historiography and, not least, contribute to the understanding of how history can be used for different purposes.

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Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License